lpkr is offline first tool to greate generative art in the browser.

lpkr is a generative art tool to help you tune your programs to your preferences. It's designed to help you get a better sense of the range of possible outputs, so your programs can generate consistently good results.

Using lpkr

lpkr is based on canvas-sketch, and you'll have access to its random, geometry, and math libraries. The context provided is a standard 2D Rendering Canvas object.

You can populate variables by clicking the ⊕ button. Any parameters can be complex expressions and will be evaluated. You can optionally lock a variable into a linear interpolation at 1/12 increments. You'll find variables inside the variables namespace.

You can install this app as a PWA, and your most recent sketch is saved to local storage. We're thinking about better ways to checkpoint your sketches, and letting you branch out into new ideas while being able to return to past checkpoints.

You can use lpkr here, and feel free to send me an email with your thoughts, feedback, suggestions etc