Simple things are most impressive


It seems as though the simple things, those we take for granted, are always the most complex and impressive. It's quite incredible to know that I am breathing right now, not just because breathing is incredible (it is) but beyond that that I recognize myself. That's incredible. I know who I am physically, and where I am. I know what it feels like to touch sandpaper or cold tile. I know what it means to feel sadness and joy, I know what heat feels like. I can see objects in front of me and touch them.

I can walk. I can amble around on two feet, over slippery ice, or different gradients and surfaces. I know what it's like to feel my own face, to have an identity and to change the world around me.

I can think, I know information and can do things with it. If I want to learn something I can, and beyond that I can want! What does that even mean? It's so inexplicable and we almost never stop to think about it.

All these super feats are largely unnoticed. This may be a good thing, allowing us to transcend the simplistic and reach for the sophisticated. But at the same time its nice to revisit the incredible powers of being human.