An endless Void

PhilosophyShort FictionScience Fiction

I awoke and found myself floating through a void. I was aware of it, but it seemed oblivious of my presence. I seemed to be moving quicker and quicker through space, I don't know how I know this to be true, but I do. I felt as though I was drawn to something that was not yet visible, or perhaps something that would never be visible, the invisible things are the most deceptive. They creep up on you slowly but surely, and you don't realize till they're there staring you in the face. Of course you don't have the luxury of staring at them, you, the visible, do not know where it is, and therefore it is everywhere.

Moving through the void is like swimming through an endless ocean, of course this metaphor doesn't help unless you have found yourself swimming in an endless ocean, most people haven't. I don't know how long I've been thinking about a good metaphor, it could be an a few seconds, or perhaps a decade, I wouldn't be able to say which. Perhaps, despite my intuitive feeling of motion, I am in fact stationary. Unfortunately, I couldn't say what is fact, and what is fantasy.

When there is very little, one can take comfort in the seemingly mundane. At least you experience something, even if that something is nothing. I spent what seems like quite a long time experiencing my hand closing and opening. Eventually, I could feel individual muscles contracting, the dizzying nervous system impulses dancing down my arm, and the tendons pulling on my bones. I loose myself in myself, understanding all that is to be understood.

Soon the void becomes much richer, but it is unclear if I am creating a world inside my own head and projecting it upon the void or if the void itself has lost its identity. Despite this uncertainty it becomes important to accept these perceptions as real. It's entirely likely that the world is a projection, but it is better to avoid this truth and find meaning in the projection.