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Computational Proximity

The goal of the computer industry has been to make computers more accessible. Largely they have succeeded, more people have computers now than at any other point in history, and more individuals have access to smartphones then ever before. The wonderful thing about this access is that anybody with a connection can look the same content. We have made the content accessible, and the computers closer to everyone, but we have failed to allow users to manipulate their own data.

Visual Engineering

When building some physical product the feedback loop between the creation of a new idea and actually testing it is far to high. Visual Engineering is a rapid feedback environment for validating hunches and answering questions about engineering.


I've found myself becoming increasingly dissatisfied with calendar applications. Fundamentally, I think they're solving the wrong problem. They should focus how to best spend your time, what’s the most optimal arrangement of these events for my productivity and well-being?

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

The goal of Artificial Intelligence, and in many ways computing as a field, is to remove the busy work. To remove the clerical from the equation leaving us to glean greater insights. In this way, I don't think of Artificial Intelligence as taking away the jobs created by such tasks, instead creating thousands of new fields waiting for people to leap in and explore. This does, however, require a shift in thinking, from looking for steady reliable incomes to experimenting with different fields and taking on projects as opposed to careers. When people choose to devote themselves fully to a new idea and have the help of an AI to aid their research and learning, people will create more, and enjoy their work and the work of others more.